Asset is looking for new boards!

Do you want to develop yourself on a personal and professional level and give your CV a boost? Do you want to get to know new people, make friends for life, and attend fun activities and parties? And do you want to do this at the most fun study association of Tilburg? Then a board year at Asset Tilburg is definitely something for you!

Asset is the study association for all students that study an economics or management related program at Tilburg University. The study association consists of 7 departments, that all form an association by themselves. These 7 departments all have their own study- and work field area which they focus on. Asset consists of the following 7 departments: Asset | Accounting & Finance, Asset | Econometrics, Asset | Economics, Asset | International Business & Management, Asset | Marketing, Asset | SBIT, and Asset | Strategy & Logistics. Each department has their own board, who manage the daily business of the association. Because Asset has so many different departments that focus on a specific area of expertise, there is always a place for everyone to feel at home and that matches with their interests.

The chairmen of all the individual departments are also part of the board of Asset Tilburg, the overarching association. There is another person in this board who is not a board member of any of the departments. This is the Independent Chairman of Asset. The person that has this board position is the one that keeps the overview in the entire overarching association and keeps an eye on the ties between the departments. He or she is also the person that is in contact with various people and teams higher up within the university. Are you curious what it’s like to do a board year at one of Asset’s departments? Then keep on reading!


Asset | Accounting & Finance

Asset | Accounting & Finance is the study association for all students interested in Accountancy, Finance and the Investment theory. Being a board member means gaining professional skills, a broad and interesting network, while still enjoying your student life!

Asset | Econometrics

A board year at Asset | Econometrics gives you the opportunity to develop yourself in a lot of different ways! You will get in touch with a lot of interesting companies, organise and attend amazing events, and get to know a lot of new people.

Asset | Economics

During a board year at Asset | Economics, you’ll get the opportunity to run an association with a lot of enthusiastic members. Besides the informal activities, you will also get in touch with several interesting companies which could help you with your career orientation. Apply now!


Asset | International Business & Management

During a board year at Asset | International Business & Management you will have the opportunity to expand your social network, get acquainted with potential future employers, enrich yourself internationally, gain practical knowledge and, above all, have fun! You will also cooperate intensively with fellow board members and active members. All in all, a board year not only broadens your horizon, but also enriches your student life!


Asset | Marketing

Asset | Marketing is the study association for all students interested in Marketing Management, Marketing Analytics, and Communication. Besides the fact that during a board year at Asset | Marketing you gain new skills, develop yourself on a professional and personal level, and expand your network, you also get to know a lot of new people, attend amazing events and experience the time of your life at one of the most fun study associations! Be quick and apply now!


Asset | SBIT

Do you want to lead an organization with more than 70 members? Then a board year at Asset | SBIT is something for you! During the year you will expand your professional network, learn relevant skills and experience the most awesome parties!


Asset | Strategy & Logistics

Asset | Strategy & Logistics is the study association for all students interested in strategy or logistics. Being a board member means gaining professional skills, while still enjoying student life!

In short, the possibilities that Asset has to offer with regards to a board year are grand and versatile. Besides the fact that you have a lot of interaction with your own board, there is also a lot of interaction and social cohesion between the different boards of the Asset departments. Lastly, within Asset you will always find an association that fits with who you are and with your interests. Did you get the ambition to apply for a board year at Asset and are you sure at which department you want to be a board member? Then apply quickly by sending in your CV and motivation letter to the concerned department! Do you have any remaining questions after reading this article? Then don’t hesitate to get in contact with the department that sparked your interest or send an e-mail to the general info mail: