ABC Night #3

This Monday, the third edition of ABC Night will take place as we are used to from Academic Business Club they always know how to attract interesting guests for these evenings. This time Jouri Schoemaker and Robin Ubaghs are the speakers of the evening. Because of the Coronavirus, we can't get together as we are used to sparring on different topics. Previously the board of ABC organized events at various locations. To keep offering informative and exciting evenings, they continue online. 

Jouri Schoemaker of Pieter Pot is the first speaker of the evening. He is an entrepreneur at heart and loves to share his story. He is also Dutch Champion Pitching. His philosophy is to pitch an idea as early as possible, gather feedback, and validate your idea before you put your time, money, and energy into your idea's execution. Jouri has founded several initiatives and companies at a young age. He recently launched Pieter Pot, the first online supermarket in the Netherlands that makes it easy to do your shopping without plastic packaging. With this company, he received crowdfunding of no less than 2.7 million euros. With this idea, he made the national news and evening news on RTL4. On Monday, 14 December, Jouri will tell all about his steps and growth as an entrepreneur.

The second speaker of the evening is Robin Ubaghs. Robin is only 23 years old but already known as Mr. Finance. He is the founder and CEO of TWR Investment Groups; a private investment company called seven other companies in the financial sector. In recent years Robin has received publicity with his podcast, Instagram account @misterfinancehimself, and documentaries on Television. Robin was only 15 years old when he first started doing business. His goal was to drive a Ferrari by the age of 25. Whether this succeeded and what his story looks like, he is happy to share with you. He will share his knowledge and tricks.

The Academic Business Club (ABC) is a network organization for starting and established student entrepreneurs and students who want to start doing business in the future. It is their mission to inspire and enthuse these students about entrepreneurship.  

  • At what time? 19:00 hours
  • Where? Online! The link will appear on the events page on Facebook.
  • When? Monday 14 December 2020