A New Lost Generation?

On Tuesday 9 February an event will be organised by Studium Generale online via Zoom. The COVID-19 pandemic will be the main topic during this evening. Three experts will speak and share their vision. 

What is the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market? Are young people in particular having a hard time or does the crisis also offer opportunities? Questions like these will be discussed and addressed by Sonja Bekker, Ton Wilthagen and alumna Nina Meeuwes. 

A decade ago, the global financial crisis left deep scars in the form of wasted opportunities and unemployment for young people. Now, COVID-19 threatens to do the same to the under-25s. At the end of the first corona wave, 10,000 fewer young people had a job than in the same period last year. This is evident from research by SEO Economic Research and the Verwey-Jonker Institute. At the same time, new jobs and initiatives can be seen which create new opportunities for school leavers and the unemployed. Think, for example, of all the crisis jobs that the government is proposing in order to alleviate the personnel shortages in care, education and enforcement. 

The first speaker is Associate Professor Sonja Bekker. She talks about youth (in)employment in these coronation times. Sonja is very interested in employment and social policy, in particular the labour market position of atypical groups. She places this interest in the framework of the European Social Policy. 

Professor of Labour Market Ton Wilthagen will moderate the meeting and give several examples of optimistic initiatives. He is one of Tilburg University's impact programme leaders on the theme of Resilient Society, and the figurehead of the National Science Agenda. Ton has worked on many innovations, including the development of work experience programmes for young people that enable them to make the transition to the labour market, even in times of crisis. 

Last but not least, Nina Meeuwes, a graduate of Tilburg University, started her first job in March 2020. She works as a Marketing and Communication Specialist in the events sector at Rotterdam Ahoy. During the online event, she will share her experiences as a starter in the job market in these unprecedented times. 

Are you curious and would you like to participate in the event? Take a look at the website to register. The event starts at 19:30 and will last for about an hour.