Campus Experience

Are you curious about life as a student at Tilburg University, or not sure which university you want to attend? Discover the compact and green campus during the Campus Experience and find out if Tilburg University is your future home.

What to expect?
Feel the vibe on the campus of Tilburg University. Accompanied by a group of fellow attendees and guided by one of the students, you will discover the campus, and students will answer your questions about studying at Tilburg University. To get the authentic student-experience, it is advised to visit without your parents. 

What not to expect
During the Campus Experience, you will get familiar with Tilburg University. You will not get specific information about Bachelor's or Master's programs. If you want to learn more about the study programs, it's recommended to attend the Bachelor's Open Day or Master's Open day. 


  • Wednesday the 28th of september 2022