Live in Poppodium 013.

The groundbreaking producer duo will perform their electronic music at a full live show in 013 on October 29. The duo started as a blog for fans with their love for italo, house, breakbeat and disco. Meanwhile, the act has become a festival headliner with a legendary status in the dance world. They have been in the Netherlands before with a live setting, which the Volkskrant praised! 

"Dosage is an art, and so is the audio-visual game. No song seems the same and with every new light source on stage a cheer rises in the audience. That's how beautiful and intense live dance can be."

Tracks like "Glue" and "Apricots" are in almost every dance fan's playlist. We're all set for the Northern Irish and ready to get sucked into genre-transcending productions from BICEP.


  • Saturday the 29th of october 2022 from 19:00 to 23:00