Vroeg Pieken

1 Year party!

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Do you want to go out on your favorite hits early on Friday night? You decide which songs are played at Vroeg Pieken. The hits you are proud of and your guilty pleasures. From disco to pop, from salsa to hip hop. From any year. As long as it's danceable!

You can send your all-time favorite song to www.vroegpieken.com until 10 December. It's not possible to request hits from the DJ during Vroeg Pieken.

Date: 10 December 2019
Location: Club Forge
Time: 19:55 to 00:35
Mood: Dancing on your favorite hits into the evening
Early Peaks: €7.50
Normal Peaks: €10,00
Late Peaks: €12,50
Door: €12,50 (only with PIN)



Burgermeester Brokxlaan 8 82
5041 SB Tilburg
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