Polly Maggoo: De Jongens van Je Weet Wel

On Wednesdays, you can enjoy "The Boys of You Know" at the Polly. How does it work? You request a song and "De Jongens van Je Weet Wel" play the requested song. Nothing is too crazy for them. Challenge: find a song they can't play. You'll be amazed. Wednesday at the Polly has been known as "The Place To Be" by students in Tilburg for years. So make sure you take a look too. While all the songs pass in review, you can enjoy the most delicious drinks. Atmosphere? Check! Drinks? Check! All students from Tilburg present? Check!

Definitely take a look at the Polly! 


Polly Maggoo 10
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  • Every wednesday from 19:00 to 23:55