Lord of the Rings quiz

One quiz to rule them all.

21 years ago, it first hit the big screen and was such a blockbuster that it became a blueprint for many film series thereafter.

The trilogy became the cultural milestone by which hobbies that first passed for geeky suddenly felt socially accepted and even desirable. Where people used to be surprised that a movie was allowed to last 3.5 hours, now suddenly binge-watching has become commonplace.

And the legend lives on, because here at last is the big LotR movie quiz.

Do you know the films inside out after countless marathon screenings? Do you know exactly where the "one does not simply", "You shall not pass" or "You have no power here" memes come from? Can your team effortlessly recognize all the characters?


Participation €17.50 per team.
Teams 2 to 5 persons.
Start Quiz: 20:00
Doors open 19:30


  • Wednesday the 26th of october 2022 from 19:30 to 22:45