Symposium | Network (un)logic in the public domain

A well-functioning youth care system is of great importance. This requires cross-sectoral working and continuous matching of supply and demand. On Friday 8 March 2024, sociologist Mariëlle Blanken will receive her PhD on this topic.

In practice, this means that many organisations - from prevention to highly specialised care - work together in a network at local level to provide families with timely and appropriate help and support. However, scientific research identifies serious shortcomings in the functioning of the system.

In her dissertation The logic behind a cohesive youth care system, she analyses and compares complex organisational networks in the youth domain. Key findings from the thesis show that improvements in the design, integration and dynamics of local youth care networks are indispensable for a future-proof youth care system. What does that look like in practice? 

This symposium deepens three topics: network steering, integrating work and the (mis)hope of the professional. Led by Meike de Jong, academics and professionals from practice will discuss lessons for network cooperation in the public domain and the youth domain in particular.


  • Friday the 8th of march 2024 at 12:45