At the heart of Duncan Laurence's music is a glimmer of hope. Although the Dutch singer-songwriter often bares his soul, tackling topics like heartbreak, loss and loneliness, there is always a ray of hope.

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New Age, which includes his stunning second album, is part of a long, thoughtful quest for healing that began in his childhood. Laurence's parents divorced when he was young and his grandparents' house, where his grandmother often sang to him when he was anxious, was a refuge. Music became even more important to Laurence when he was bullied at school, but he found salvation when a physiotherapist suggested he take piano lessons to treat a motor disorder.

Soon he realised he had found his purpose - singing, performing, being vulnerable in front of the whole world. After graduating from Tilburg's Rock Academy, he honed in on 'Arcade', a song that would change his life. While Laurence's debut focused on the past, his new music is about the here and now.