Tilburg Student Symposium: The 2021 Dutch Parliamentary Elections

The Tribune organizes an annual symposium, better known as the Tilburg Student Symposium. Each year, high-profile speakers are invited who are closely related to the topic. This year the subject is the Dutch House of Representatives elections.

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

The theme for the upcoming symposium will be the 2021 elections to the House of Representatives. On March 17, 2021 we can go to the polls again!
Our chairman, Sander Schimmelpenninck, will discuss the theme of higher education with Dennis Wiersma (VVD), Lisa Westerveld (GroenLinks) and Kiki Hagen (D66). Current topics such as the loan system, the binding study advice and freedom of expression within education will of course be discussed.

Interested? Register yourself and keep an eye on the page for more information!