Aafke Romeijn 'writer in residence'

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

NIGHT TALK & EXPERIENCE. Meet new writer in residence Aafke Romeijn. She starts a conversation and performs in the intimate Zwijsen building. (language: Dutch)

Aafke Romeijn is a musician and writer, and will be present at Tilburg University more often this academic year. Literary organisation Tilt, together with the Department of Cultural Sciences, invited her to lead a research lab with master students as a writer in residence. In the lab, students are challenged to think and write outside the framework of academic discourse. Curious about the lab and the research that Aafke wants to do? Come and listen to a conversation and perform!

There is limited space in the Zwijsen building, and full is full! (Being on time can help)

PS: The research lab is open to master students from all disciplines and will be in English.