Tilburgse Kermis

The 'Tilburgse Kermis' 2023 will be bigger than ever!

Sorry, this event is not available anymore

Every year in July, the 'Tilburgse Kermis' takes place, the largest fair in the Benelux with more than 230 to 240 attractions from home and abroad. The event attracts more than a million visitors to Tilburg every year and lasts for ten days, from 21 to 30 July in 2023.

The fair has existed for 450 years and traditionally ends on the last Sunday of July with a ceremonial 'funeral', where all attractions close at 22:00 and the fair is buried by the Tilburg fire brigade after a procession with musical accompaniment from the Heuvelse Kerk to the Piushaven.

There are also several theme days, including Blue Sunday for people with a form of autism, Pink Monday for LGBTQ+ and Single Friday for singles.