Green-Orange Vrijmibo

Kick off the Friday before Carnival festively with the Green-Orange VrijMiBo (friday afternoon drinks). A perfect way to start the weekend and get into the carnival mood.

What do you do after a long week of work? A Vrijmibo, of course. On the Friday before carnival, it gets even more fun: all green-orange!  So pull your carnival clothes out of the closet once again and drag your colleagues along!

Traditionally, the pub that has won the election the previous year during the Kroegendwèèeltocht will host the Vrijmibo. The last election took place in February 2020, in which the Vos en de Craen was declared the "Most Carnivalesque Pub of Kruikenstad. From 17.11 everyone is welcome there!

Immediately after the Green Orange Vrimibo, the Kroegendwèèltocht will start. A unique event in Brabant where the carnival lover normally already gets a taste of carnival, which officially opens one day later. The center of Kruikenstad turns into a hopping and partying crowd of carnival lovers during the Kroegendwèèltocht. Will you come too?


Piusplein 2
5038 WL Tilburg
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  • Friday the 17th of february 2023 from 17:11 to 20:11